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Being in a community is powerful; ideas can be shared among like-minded people and the whole community becomes better informed by learning from each other. This is especially important when investing since there is no one way to approach this process and investing alone may be a daunting experience. Therefore InvestingNote has built a community to allow users to participate in market discussions, exchange investment ideas, share trading advice and connect with expert investors.

For example, if you want information on Sheng Siong, the InvestingNote platform presents comprehensive charts:

Analysis and ideas from other users:


The platform offers a plethora of information beyond the three examples and you can check them out on

Additionally, given the myriad of stocks available, selecting stocks to focus on can be challenging. Fret not, as InvestingNote also offers premium articles which analyses the key information on one to two high-potential stocks; giving readers greater assurance when making investing decisions.

Today InvestingNote boasts thousands of regular users and supporters such as CIMB Securities, SPH and NUS School of Computing. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr Shanison Lin to find out more about how social media integration is changing the investment industry.

Trends in the region

Mr Lin has observed that more investors are using their smartphones to trade. According to a study by JPMorgan, 61% of institutional traders were either extremely or somewhat likely to use a trading app in 2018, up from 31% in 2017 (JPmorgan, 2018). In India, around 30% of trading by retail investors in the cash segment took place on mobile phones and in the futures and options segments, it was 35% of retail activity in 2016. In particular, Geojit BNP Paribas saw an 85% growth in mobile trading turnover from 2014-2016 (Economic Times, 2016). In Singapore, smartphones are the most popular device used by internet users (Emarketer, 2016) and Mr Lin has noted that there are more users using the InvestingNote App compared to the web platform.

Riding on the trends

InvestingNote originally launched as a web platform before offering a mobile app. Mr Lin shared that this was because websites are easier to build and any changes can be made easily without requiring users to install updates. However as user preferences shift towards mobile trading, Mr Lin is working with his team to optimise the mobile app to offer a better experience.

Enabling growth

As a young startup, Mr Lin shared that he was able to secure a grant from the National Research Foundation which provided valuable funding that helped in the setting up process. The NRF grants give a valuable boost to new start-ups by allaying some of the costs of setting up, but Mr Lin shared that beyond the first year, obtaining their grants might be challenging.

In this regard, SPRING Singapore offers an array of support for companies to grow their capabilities. For example, companies can apply for the Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) which is valued at $5,000. These vouchers can be used to improve core business operations through consultancy in areas of innovation, productivity, human resources and financial management. Additionally the vouchers can be used to adopt and implement pre-scoped Integrated Solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity. (SPRING, 2018)

Call to Singaporean companies

We all have talents and knowledge in different fields and by pooling them together in a community of like-minded people, the whole community can learn and grow together. InvestingNote is shaking up how trading is done and with so many experts in a plethora of industries in Singapore, more decision making processes beyond investing can also benefit from harnessing the power of community through social media. It will be exciting to see what new communities can be brought together by Singaporean companies in future.



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