The Best Instagram Analytics Tools of 2018 for a Kickass Instagram Marketing


Recently with Instagram declaring that its social media application has become 800 million users strong, as a digital marketer I know how vital Instagram has become to advertising success. Which also means working in a dynamic digital industry I have also tried and tested all the different Instagram analytics tools. Along time, new tools have come up that provide you with analytics on your social media strategy and content scheduling.

To have so many options is actually mind-boggling. Notably, when all of these tools have more or less similar features, it can be daunting to understand which tools will be best relevant for your social media marketing and business.

In the end, you probably sign up for a dozen free trials to figure out which can fulfill your needs. However, with the new changes to the Instagram algorithm, some Instagram analytics tools no longer work. And that’s the purpose for reading this article.

Not to worry, I have prepared a comprehensive list of 7 Instagram analytics tools that will up your Instagram game in 2018. Rather than just giving you a plain list of tools which actually perform similar basic functions, I wanted to give you a diversified range. So whether you want a free Instagram analytics application something like best times to share content or a complete well-grounded Instagram solution, I have got you the right answers.

1. Simply Measured

As the name suggests, Simply Measured provides simplified solutions with its advanced analytics features and insights. With Simply Measured you can gauge:

  • Instagram Story analytics. Knowing who viewed your Story is delightful, but what helps your brand is how engaged the viewers were with your Stories. Simply Measured observation shows you metrics such as Story replies, post saves, taps forward, taps back and exits.


  • Simply Measured also helps you spy on your competitors, such as which content and campaign are giving them best results. Pretty cool, right? There’s more.
  • The most extraordinary feature of Simply Measured is the conversion tracking report which helps to track the ROI of Instagram campaigns. You can know exactly how successful your Instagram marketing efforts are by capturing the amount of revenue your followers are bringing in.

Price: Contact for pricing

2. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the right tool of you’re just getting started or simply want a free Instagram analytics tool.

Instagram Insights is only available to business account inside the Instagram app. It provides basic stats to weigh in your marketing aspirations. It shows the metrics such as followers, demographics, location, top performing posts, impressions and promotion insights for paid Instagram ads. This data is well-worth to understand your target audience.

Price: Free

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social analytics give your brand an all-embracing marketing data. You can make sense of metrics like: the growth of your audience, which post received most engagement, hashtag performance, etc.

Another cool factor which Sprout Social wins at is its “presentation-ready” ready reports which can be downloaded and shared with clients, stakeholders and bosses alike.

Wouldn’t you have an advantage if you can know how your competitors are performing and you can compare your efforts against them? Sprout solves this question by giving an Instagram competitor analysis report.

This feature allows you to add your competitors to the platform and you’ll be able to track their audience growth, publishing frequency, comments and more.

Price: Starts at $99/month. Get a free trial here.

4. Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook has a powerful social media ad analytics out there. You can create your Instagram ads in the Facebook Ads Manager, and you’ll have plenty of data to know the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of your Instagram ads.

With the current changes in the algorithm, more brands are jumping on the social media bandwagon to reach a wider audience. And when you’re paying for your ads, you want analytics providing useful information on your brand performance so you can improve the results and Facebook Ad Manager easily does that.

Price: Free

5. Tapinfluence

Influencer marketing is one of the latest obsession of the social media. It collaborates with inbound marketing and is becoming one of the most effective ways to attract customers and clients.

It would be wrong to assume that simply paying a popular Instagrammer to make a post will lead to a positive ROI. To navigate this relatively new form of marketing, you need to monitor your influencer marketing campaigns and analyze the performance reports exactly like your basic marketing exercises. And here’s where Tapinfluence jumps in.

Tapinfluence is an influencer marketing tool that has features like finding influencers, managing campaigns and imparting results from the analytics.

Some of the outstanding features of Tapinfluence are how your performance rounds up against the industry benchmarks. It also shows you the reach, views and engagement across Instagram and other social media channels. Many brands make a deal with influencers to create content on multiple platforms, and this tool is super beneficial to get a complete overview of your partnerships.

Yet, what if you work with multiple influencers, how will you keep track of those insights. Fret not! You can easily analyze the performance of each individual influencer you work with from Tapinfluence. With such effortlessly manageable solution, its it’s no surprise Tapinfluence is a leading Instagram analytics tool for Instagram marketing campaigns.

Price: Contact for pricing

6. is one of the few completely free Instagram analytics app.

Although its features are limited as compared to other paid applications, but if you’re just getting started with social media – or if you’ve a strict budget – you can’t beat this free tool. is fairly simple to use as well. You have to just login and connect your Instagram profile, the tool then allots you a “influencer score”. The higher your score the better.

Though I am not sure about what the actual scoring range is, but after trying out several popular brands with Instagram accounts in, I found that a score of mid-100s or higher is considered to be good. For example, Buffer’s influencer score is a strong 71.

According to, their influence score “measures the impact of visual content and its creators.”

The influence score takes estimation of your network size, engagement, community trends and of course, influence. Nevertheless, your influencer score should not be the gospel truth for how well your brand is doing on Instagram. But it’s good to have some relevant metrics that can help you make informed decisions about your Instagram usage.

Let me share my prized hack. If you want to check your competitors score, you can do it by going to “” where “competitor” is the Instagram handle of who you want to search for. For example, you can explore it this way – to see their score.

Just take into account that you can see the score only if the account is in’s database.

Price: Free

7. Keyhole

And here’s my saving the best for last! So far, each tool I mentioned above gave daily reporting features. These metrics are in fact essential to track your Instagram marketing progress.

However, Keyhole is a little different from the rest. It prides itself by providing real-time hashtag tracking for Instagram. Its ideal, if your marketing efforts involve hashtags or social media contests or even brand campaigns.

Other than showing how many times a hashtag has been used, Keyhole also provides important data like top posts containing your hashtag, related hashtags, most engaged posts and keywords. Additionally, this hashtag performance can be tracked on Twitter as well.

One of the interesting ability of Keyhole is to ascertain the sentiment around a specific hashtag. This is extremely useful if you’re running a campaign using branded hashtag, and you want to know how well it is being perceived. If the hashtag is trending positive, it is a good sign. But if the response has been neutral, you can always look into it and make necessary changes.

Price: Starts at $199/month

What’s Your Top Instagram Analytics Tool?

So this was a list of some of my favorite Instagram Analytics tools. What Instagram analytics tools do you use to track and measure your marketing campaigns?


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